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  • Marjorie previously served on the Select Board for six years, as Vice-Chair for two years and as Chair for three years

  • Marjorie was on the Advisory Committee for three years, serving as Vice-Chair for one year and Chair for one year

  • Marjorie has been a Town Meeting Member since 2012 and is a member of the Wellesley Housing Development  Corporation

  • Marjorie understands the Board's decision-making process

  • Through her years of experience as an attorney, small business owner and educator, Marjorie understands the value of working together and the benefits of employing each participant's unique experience and skills


  • Marjorie considers carefully all viewpoints and considerations in her work and is even-handed to reach optimum results

  • Marjorie pursues positive and constructive resolution to all questions and encourages informed dialogue

  • Marjorie appreciates the breadth and depth of issues facing the Town, the fact that there are divergent viewpoints on each subject, and that collaboration is necessary to achieve the best outcomes in the best interests of the Town

  • Marjorie does not have a single-issue agenda; she knows that a myriad of issues need to be addressed on a regular basis and that broad commitment to the work of the Board is necessary to be an effective board member


  • Marjorie distills essential information from all available resources and perspectives, synthesizing the material into cogent and concise thoughts

  • Marjorie dedicates herself to the utmost in her preparation for every meeting and seeks input from all stakeholders

  • Marjorie focuses on the essence of every issue from a broad town perspective and communicates her point of view effectively and clearly

  • Marjorie proactively addresses pressing issues and makes decisions thoughtfully and carefully

  • Marjorie asks difficult questions and does not hesitate to make what she believes to be the best decision

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